Fight Your Stress and Get Academic Success!

If you feel stressed during your studies, the first thing to do is to identify the core reason – is it due to assignment deadlines, poor time management or some other personal problem. Try to reason with yourself rather than turning to unhealthy substitutes such as alcohol or smoking, etc.  Unless you don’t take control over your problems yourself, they will get the worst of you. Though it is hard, following are a few stress busters’ techniques that you can try.

Exercise: Indulge yourself in a physical activity, exercise, go to the gym, workout. Being physically fit will help you stay in the right state of mind and you will be able to think clearer. Though exercise has nothing to do with thinking straight, however, it certainly helps you to take out some aggression and clam down and think about a situation.

Think of a solution: There is always another way and a solution to every problem.  If at first you don’t realize what it is, that means you need to give it some time and consider how you can deal with a problem. The moment you give it some thought, you will be surprised with the kind of alternatives you can come up with.

Connect: Meet other students who might be going through the same stress as you are. You never know discussing your problems with them, might lead you towards a solution. You can also share your problems with students from different universities via social media and find out what they do in similar situations.

Take it as a challenge: Convert your stress into a challenge. Set specific goals and see when and how you can achieve it.

Give yourself some space: It is important to take out some time for yourself. This is the time when you can actually think about your problems and how you can overcome them. However, if you feel stressed by doing so, the best thing to do in this time is to relax and do something you enjoy the most. This way you will refresh your mind and will feel ready to face any challenge that comes across your way.


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