Dealing with Exam Stress

If you procrastinate, meeting your assignment deadline becomes no less than a terror. You think that you have ample time to complete your assignment, but then moment you realize its just two days left for submission and you can’t do much but stare blankly at your computer. Here are some strategies that will save you from exam stress.

Set clear targets: The moment you receive your assignment brief, go through it and divide it into sections and sub sections. Set specific targets for each section and try completing your work accordingly.

Give yourself a break: If you find it hard to concentrate on your work for more than 1 hour, give yourself a break for 5-10 minutes. Relax yourself in this break. Go away from the computer screen and may be listen to some music or do some exercise. Giving your mind and eyes some rest is important in order to stay fresh.

Plan your assignment: The more you plan and re-plan, the better. A well planned assignment is always better written compared to a one that is written in a rush. Chalk a proper outline for the topic that you need to cover. Start with a mind map and then group your ideas logically.

Discuss your work with your tutor: If you have properly planned your assignment, you can easily be done with an initial draft in no time. The moment you are done with it, ask your tutor to review it. Discuss areas of improvement in the assignment and work accordingly.

Talk to your friends: Discuss your assignment with your friends. Find out what strategies they are using to complete their assignment and what topic they are working on. Be open to criticism and think how you can improve your assignment.

Read relevant research: Read as much as you can. Look at how other students have been addressing various aspects of the topic. This will help get a broader picture of the topic.


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